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By Kenneth Chin (24 Aug 14)

Gay Church in Malaysia?!
Wednesday, 15 Aug 2007

I read in the paper recently about a Malaysian gay pastor ordained in New York who seeks to plant a church here. There's been a lot of talk about it, mainly from local pastors and Christian leaders throughout Malaysia, mostly condemning the very idea and intention of this gay pastor.

I myself don't agree with it simply because it goes against what the Bible teaches. No, the Bible does not teach us to reject gays but it does tell us to refuse the lifestyle and to warn people about it. I also have my doubts of whether you can truly trust a church leader who can't get a simple yet fundamental interpretation of Scripture (in this case God's stand on homosexuality) correct, to be able to accurately interpret and implement the rest of the Bible for "the equipping of the saints for the work of the ministry for the edifying of the Body".

The gay pastor was quoted in the paper to say that he was not planting a "gay church" but a church that accepts both homosexuals and heterosexuals alike. In some weird way, I thought that he should at least be given a little credit for stating that. However, that was completely thrown out the window in the next article that was carried by the same paper following the inaugural service held by this pastor at a local hotel attended by 100 people.

The paper carried a photo of the gay pastor and his boss from New York with their partners standing next to them. They say a picture paints a thousand words. The article went on to emphasise how proud the partners were of the pastor(s), how they fell in love and got (or hope to get) married and how they're expecting to get the laws of the land (that they're currently residing in) to recognise their union. So what's really the message after-all? Are we really just talking about a church that truly cares for the welfare of both homosexuals and heterosexuals or are we talking about an outright gay church that is out to corrupt and confuse the minds of our young people in Malaysia??

I'm sorry to say but I was left completely disappointed and disgusted with the whole episode. It is already so challenging to deal and help with the current and immediate issues faced by our young people today. Now this! What's next?!

Of course, to me, there are much bigger issues to deal with in Malaysia than just the gay issue. Many Malaysians frown at the very thought of homosexuality and we seem to garner the guts to pass quick judgment whenever necessary (or unecessary) - irregardless whether we hurt people's feelings or not. But we don't seem to be as quick or as bold to respond to say, the Lina Joy case, that challenges the very core of our constitutional right and freedom. I think that the majority decision was wrong and I think Malaysia is in grave danger if something isn't done to address this issue and to address it quick.

We may poke fun at who among the gay partners actually have the b*lls but what we really need to seriously consider and pray about is that one day (hopefully soon) the majority (not minority) of the judges in our highest courts will have the guts to do and decide what is right for the sake of our future and the supremacy of our constitution.

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